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Fnam Cont. Est. is proud to offer the following pond lining and large-scale geosynthetic and geomembrane installation services. Call today for a competitive bid on your next pond liner and large-scale geosynthetics installation project.

About FNAM Cont. Est.

“When you need a company to install your pond, pit, pad, or canal lining projects, you have a world of options to choose from, from multinational corporations to local, trusted friends”

Fnam Cont. has executed many major projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai & Bahrain where lining was required, including lining of open- earth reservoirs for water storage and wastewater treatment. At Fnam Cont. Est., we’re proud to offer you the best of both worlds—truly global experience, plus a commitment to flawless installations and world-class customer service. What’s more, we back it up with quality materials and seal the deal with a conscientious commitment to quality from start to finish. If these things are important to you, we’d love to put our team to work for you.


You can depend on Fnam Cont. Est. for a high level of customer service and reliability to ensure your project is completed safely, on time, on budget, and with the quality and value you expect and deserve.

Fnam is a top one installer of Geomembrane , Waterproofing Membranes, Geotextile, Concrete Protective Liner(CPL) , Geosynthetics Clay Liner(GCL), Geogrids, Geocells, Geonets and lining in Water Pond, Hazardous Waste Pond, Industrial Waste Water Pond, Decorative Pond, Evaporation Pond, Fire Water Pond, Waste Landfills, Tunnel Waterproofing, Artificial Lakes, Power Plant Coal, Tank-Lining, Land Fill Liners.

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