About FNAM Cont. Est.

Fnam is a top one installer of Geosynthetics Geomembrane , Waterproofing Membranes, Geotextile, Concrete Protective Liner(CPL) , Geosynthetics Clay Liner(GCL), Geogrids, Geocells, Geonets and lining in Water Pond, Hazardous Waste Pond, Industrial Waste Water Pond, Decorative Pond, Evaporation Pond, Fire Water Pond, Waste Landfills, Tunnel Waterproofing, Artificial Lakes, Power Plant Coal, Tank-Lining, Land Fill Liners. more

Our Capability

Quality of product & service has always been the principal objective of FNAM Cont. Est. Operation. This is one of the reasons that, we are able to keep our existing customers and consistently widen our sphere of attaining new Customers despite ever increasing completion in this field over the past two decades.

Our Mission

Fnam Hdpe Liner is dedicated to being your trusted partner, delivering the best possible services for clients and their customers. With our Service Never Rests attitude, we provide the highest level of customer service and quality that matter most in the field of Geomembrane HDPE Liner Installation. Motivate and train our skilled and experienced employees to serve our clients and work closely with them to find innovation solutions to all their needs, we believe that our clients are the driving force behind everything we do.

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